All projects at Parwood begin at the same point—establishing a working design. With our ‘Open Door’ approach, we encourage customers to engage designs they really want, and not to settle for something ‘acceptable’ from a set product line. Architects and Designers need the freedom to design as many aspects of a construction project as possible, and beautiful doors are certainly no exception.

Once an order is accepted, we create a CAD drawing to scale for approval to begin the production procedure.

At Parwood, we go to great effort to economically meet design specifications and to provide product excellence. Although we are principally a solid-wood products company, we also have expertise in veneered products (Parveneer). Due to our quality certifications with AWI and AWMAC we follow, as far as possible, all established industry standards. Our extensive Warnock Hersey fire licenses allow us to service the North American market with unique solutions in commercial and high rise construction.

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